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Redhead amazon parrot

In the large and diverse family of Amazon parrots, the Red crowned parrots, or more commonly called the Mexican Red Headed Amazons, stand out as a highly threatened breed of social, energetic and intelligent birds. Although endangered in the wild, these parrots are relatively common as pets and are loved for their funny, outgoing, and mischievous personality. Sharing a lot of similarities with their close cousins, they have plenty of traits you can expect from an Amazon, but a few tricks up their sleeve as well. Social, energetic and talkative — the Red Crowned parrots are the Amazons we know and love. As the name suggests, the natural home of these birds is found in the forests that sprawl in the northeast of Mexico.
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Mexican Red Headed Amazon Parrot

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Green-Cheeked Amazon Parrot — Full Profile, History, and Care

Funny and engaging, green-cheeked Amazon parrots can make excellent pets for the right owners. Also known as the Mexican red-headed parrot, they are intelligent, affectionate, and playful, and some learn to become excellent talkers. These birds have a mild temperament compared to other Amazons. More than anything, they want to be near you or their human flock. Northeastern Mexico is the green-cheeked Amazon's natural habitat. The birds primarily live in the woodlands and lowland forests of the area. Social animals, their flocks can grow to more than birds.
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Red-crowned amazon

The red-crowned amazon Amazona viridigenalis , also known as the red-crowned parrot , green-cheeked amazon or Mexican red-headed parrot , is an endangered amazon parrot native to northeastern Mexico and possibly southern Texas in the United States. Their appearance is generally green with the most notable features being a bright red forehead and crown, dark blue streak behind the eyes, and light green cheeks. It is not uncommon for Red-crowned Amazons to have splashes of red and blue under their wings and have light yellow-tipped tails. Their iris color can range from a bright yellow to a deep red, although juveniles' eyes are gray until maturity. Red-crowned amazons usually have horn colored beaks and ceres but these can sometimes have black highlights.
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